Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Values and Norms

Values may be defined from the perspective of rightness. It advocate the judgments related to what is desired and what is not. values are broader and some what external from an individual point of view. There are preferred options with moral or desirable things. Values are closely related to the norms, attitude, opinion, and beliefs. It represents something more than just a person's acceptance of the validity of a view of facts. It is not only belief but one with a judgment of rightness attached. Values represents what is thought to be desirable, not what may be desired.

Norms are group rules, standards, directions, or guidelines established to govern the behavior of the members. It tend to advocate on what is permitted and what is prohibited. Norms are dependent on values. Norms are rules governing the behavior of the members of a group. It not only indicate to members of the group what they should or should not do, also provide for a system of built-in rewards and punishments for the behavior. Norms is a rule or guide for the behavior established by a consensus in the social order. Consensus represents the feelings of a group as to what is desirable or what ought to be. Norms are guidelines or directions as to what is accepted or prohibited.

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