Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Advertising Message

Advertising message selection is the key part of an ad ad agency job, since we consider advertising people as the creative people, they use four steps while developing advertising message.

1. Message Generation
2. Message Evaluation and Selection
3. Message Execution
4. Social Responsibility Review

Message Generation:
While making advertising message, there are different way to make message more attractive such as Linking the brand directly to a single benefit and other is create a character that expressed the product benefit .Whatever the method is used, creative people should talk to consumer , dealers and experts. In depth interviewing where I come realistically face to face with the people I am trying to sell.
One can take buyer, who expect four type of rewards form product, Rational, Social, sensory and ego satisfaction.

Message Evaluation and Selection:
A good ad normally focuses on one core selling proposition. A message must be rated on Desirability, Exclusiveness and Believability. Advertiser should conduct marketing research to determine which appeal works best with its target audience.

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